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Flower Care Information

Our de Jager hand-tied bouquets make the perfect gift whatever the occasion, from new arrivals, engagements and birthdays to those days when you just want to let your loved ones know that you’re thinking about them.

Our beautiful hand-tied aqua pack bouquets comprise the freshest flowers and are designed by professional florists. These displays are ideal as a gift and suitable to send to a hospital or residential home.

We are confident of our ability to deliver the highest quality bouquets.

How to care for your hand-tied bouquet

  • The aqua pack will need topping up on a regular basis.
  • All de Jager hand-tied bouquets come with flower food already added. This helps keep the water clean for longer and provides nutrients to extend flower life.
  • It is sensible to always keep flowers away from ripening fruit which can hasten deterioration of the bouquet.
  • As far as possible avoid putting flowers in a draughty or hot location and keep out of direct sunshine.
  • Any foliage which falls below the water line should be removed to avoid water contamination.
  • Be careful with lilies as the pollen from the flowers can stain clothing. You can use sticky tape to remove any traces from clothing in case of accidental marking. Avoid using water on stains.
  • If you would prefer to arrange the flowers in this bouquet in your own vase remove the flowers from the packaging over a sink being careful to recut all the stems before placing into a clean vase with fresh water.